Website Building

   Get your business online.  Many businesses both big and small have a website online that people can search and find them in a basic Google search. That being said, if you don't have a website, you are not going to be found as easily.

  We can help you get figured out what web name you want to go with and setup a basic design for the website. From there you can provide content to us for us to incorporate into the website.

 With that website name, you will also be able to get email addresses for your company as well.  We can provide basic email addresses and also provide forwarding emails to already established email addresses.  If you would like to pursue the use of Google Apps for Businesses with your domain, we can assist with getting that setup as well.  This would allow calendar, email and cloud storage with your domain name. 

Some of the basic charges include:

  • $300 one time setup fee will get you a basic setup and I will get a basic site going with a few pages. This will also include a up to two email addresses for whom ever.
  • $20 yearly fee for the website name. (Ex.,
  • $15 per month (Billed Yearly at $180) for the hosting of the site. This is the cost for the website to be out and live all the time to the world.

If you would like for me to do the website updating, I will charge $40 an hour and I will charge in 15 minute increments billed at the end of each monthly.

Some websites that are already done:

There may be additional charges for the Google Apps for Businesses Setup.
Some domain extensions may cost more to purchase.